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Guest posting, infographics, and engaging in online communities can also help generate quality backlinks. Most tools offer free trials or have limited free versions. Backlink monitoring tools are pieces of software or online services that help website owners track and analyze their website’s backlinks. Pro plan: $109 per month. The more “votes” your website has earned, the higher your website will rank in search engines. Find “linkworthy” pages by researching your competitors’ most linked to pages with the Best by links report. These links pass link equity from the referring site to your site, which can help boost your search engine ranking. Your email address will not be published. Integration with Other SEO Tools: You can combine data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Moz — this integration can provide additional insights and help you make data driven decisions. Companies can use these metrics to check the progress of their own link building efforts, or to decide which websites to build links on. Advanced: $299/month or $239/month billed annually.

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It also gives the overall results of your keyword activity, the latest added links for your website and competitors and the ones that have been changed. This feature lets you decide whether you want to remove a link or keep it. Love the research, Brian. Get a comprehensive analysis and proceed with improvements. This analysis can help you avoid over optimization and diversify your anchor text profile. Love the keyword tracking and the backlink monitoring. Ranktracker provides me with a very detailed overview of how my websites perform in SEPR. This is a great way to keep an eye on how your competitors are doing or to monitor and measure the success of your own site. Plus, it also tells its users what they can do to increase the efficiency of their link building strategy. This article will discuss some of the best SEO software we have selected based on accuracy, comprehensiveness, pricing, and scalability.

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SEMrush provides valuable data and insights that are so crucial for tracking your SEO strategy. The Professional license costs €299 and the Enterprise license, €699. In the very first column you can select the sites that will go to the favorites. Not to mention, sites that aren’t considered reputable won’t do very well in Google search results. This tool fulfills the industry standard for sure. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are essential for a website’s authority and visibility in search engine rankings — they are the backbone of SEO. The only difference is that Linkody is built for monitoring backlinks. I found many links and domains which are not even found with AHREFS. Remember, successful marketing extends beyond individual departments, and open communication combined with collaborative tools is key to achieving a harmonised and impactful strategy. Our support team is available 24/7 to ensure you get the required assistance and all your requests are addressed promptly and proficiently. View our Terms of Service.

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The main URL, a name, and a backlink field are what you need to fill in, and the rest can be set to their default settings if you’re happy with it. My first advice is always to try the basics first. This will help you find potential link sources that you can consider for link building purposes in order to improve your Google rankings. One of the most notable algorithm updates was Penguin in 2012, which sought to derank spammy sites from its search results. Are all among these considered White Hat. Advanced web ranking reportsDetailed and understandable SEO reporting is a must have in rank tracker software. So, if your backlinks were removed or changed, it may have an impact on your SEO campaign.

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Another great tactic for finding outreach opportunities. Is it possible that tool B is showing only important and worthy links, which should be the same as backlinks provided by tool A. Looks like they’re back. Links to target total and followed. Majestic’s lowest pricing plan costs $49. His advice has been featured by Forbes, HuffPost, CIO, and more. Thus, it increases your overall online reputation and business growth. Veterans of the SEO space, Ahrefs is one of the few names that almost every industry professional would recognize.


Also Read: How to Use ChatGPT for Link Building????. Like with all other tools on the market, sometimes there is nothing we can do about this issue. Keep in mind that you can save some money if you buy annual subscriptions. Selected or not selected for publication. Easily monitor all the links that point out to your site and tells you who to reach out in order to build your brand. It gives you an insight into how valuable Google thinks your site is in terms of backlinks. There are free and paid versions available, depending on how many keywords or competitor sites you want to monitor. We take data from Google and other major search engines to determine which websites have been flagged as spam getting a backlink to one of these sites is code red for your online portfolio. This information can be used to create link building strategies and ensure your links come from reputable sources. As we can see there are some handy metrics for analyzing each site’s potential or “quality”. Monitor Backlinks has one of the easiest interfaces. Obviously, here is the name of projects for which you monitor backlinks, and to be more exact, these are the sites for which you do link promotion. Especially when integration options are limited.

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Backlink Checker keeps everything labeled and transparent. It also gives users actionable recommendations that they can use to improve their website, fix issues, and take advantage of opportunities. Behold our compelling list of top notch backlink checkers – essential tools in the vibrant field of SEO. Linkody is software that allows you to monitor on your backlinks. If you’re in the SEO industry you must have heard about GSA. However, some may find it too expensive to pay for a backlink tool separately. If this number jumps abnormally high or low, it will be easy to spot and investigate. Gone are the days when a single tool was able to rule supreme. Let’s start in order and figure out what’s in each column of the table. Neil Pate’s Ubersuggest is a free backlink checker that lets you find who links to you and your competition. Products sorted alphabetically.

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All you need to do is to export the rules into the Google Webmaster Tools. Marketing teams using CabinetM gain critical visibility and leverage to save time, money, drive revenue, and manage digital transformation. Unlike the other platforms on this list, it doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades and master of none. This tool fulfills the industry standard for sure. But in most of the cases, the features provided were mostly irrelevant to my or my client’s needs, yet the full price would need to be paid monthly. Step 5: Click on the “Referring Domains” tab to get more details on websites linking out to the analyzed website. This makes it incredibly easy to use for anyone, no matter their level of experience with backlinking. Select the search engine optimization tools that best fits your needs so you can manage all your backlink data in one place.

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When comparing tools, you should take into consideration the size of the index that they have. Obviously, here is the name of projects for which you monitor backlinks, and to be more exact, these are the sites for which you do link promotion. It is important to note that not all backlinks are created equal; some backlinks can hurt a website’s SEO. If you want more traffic from social media sites, this feature can also help you find new ways to share your blog posts on their social media profiles. Majestic will also create a history chart for your backlink to help you know whether or not the link is losing or gaining steam. Daniel’s interest include SMB analytics, big data, predictive analytics, enterprise and SMB search engine optimization SEO, CRO optimization, social media advertising, A/B testing, programatic and geo targeting, PPC, and e commerce. Check success metrics including Domain Authority DA, Page Authority PA, Spam Score, and complete link counts to any site. Try Backlink checker for free. If you need more capabilities, here are the paid plans. For getting more results, the paid tool indexes at $25. Once you’ve completed the three steps above, the tool will show you the results immediately — with all the metrics discussed in the section above. To start with, Google Analytics is a good tool for tracking your links.

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They are essentially votes of confidence from other websites, which can help to boost your website’s authority and visibility too. These SEO tools will help you perform keyword research, optimize your website content and improve your website’s visibility on Google. Before we dive into the best tools to manage your backlinks, let’s look at all the SEO metrics that you must monitor for successful backlink management. To put it this way, it is an essential detail for Google that the sites you get backlinks from are related to your website and link page. Nobody said that building a brand would be easy, but nobody could anticipate the level of influence the internet would have on business success or failure. Link Assistant is one of the well rounded backlink analysis tools that can make your SEO campaigns more effective. If your site is on the newer side, then you should retrieve as many backlinks as soon as you can. It also shows here you your most popular anchors and which countries your links are coming from. You can export this report to CSV format and use it later. Completing this process is one of the best ways to understand your site’s health and understand what factors are contributing to its ranking. This feature allows you to discover which sites are linking to your competitors but not to your site. Being an outreach tool, LinkAssistant by default scrapes contact information from the pages you are researching. Know their technology stack, contract renewal date, top decision makers, hiring trends, and top company news in one place.

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This tool is a game changer for content marketers, allowing you to find the most popular content in your industry and uncover what your audience is interested in. Outreach and Relationship Management: The Backlink Monitor offers tools for managing your outreach efforts and building relationships with other websites. Overall, when it comes to index size, features, and price, Ahrefs is the best value. You can also use these tools to keep track of any changes or updates with your external links, allowing you to adjust the strategy for your link building campaigns as needed. SEMRush offers a lot of tools and the price is very understandable. Close deals faster by understanding your clients well.


You can use websites like Sheeter. In short, a tool can streamline your work for you. Best for experienced users. You also can’t see the full URLs of the pages that link to you unless you create an account. AHrefs is undoubtedly one of the Best Backlink Checker Tools. Because of the intrinsic link that Google Search Console has with the search engine giant’s results pages, you’re able to easily identify what aspects of your pages are causing them to perform better or worse in the SEO rankings. After the launch of the algorithm, Google became more scrupulous in analyzing backlinks, so it is in your best interest to regularly monitor backlinks directed to your site and leave only those that come from relevant and reliable resources. From 90,000 BACKLINKS. Major search engines like Google consider backlinks as “votes” for a specific page.

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Yes, you can write for some other website, and they can provide you with a backlink to your site. It is an SEO software suite that offers backlink analysis features that are similar to Ahrefs and MOZ. However, they have tried to do that in the past and failed miserably. Monitor the status of critical links, maintain a steady flow of backlinks, track and report suspicious backlinks, and monitor campaign links. A single day can see dozens of changes to a website’s link profile, so it’s important to check backlinks regularly and focus on the most significant ones first. This composite measure shows you your domain’s overall visibility in Google across thousands of keywords. The backlink research tool can help you implement the skyscraper technique, find top ranking pages and their linking sources. Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation.

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The dashboard includes everything you need for this task. If you do not use specialized backlink monitoring tools yet, your entire SEO strategy may be at risk. Rest assured, I recommend only those tools that I personally use and genuinely trust. Ahrefs backlink checker is famous for seeing data like. Evidently, unlike the other tools described here, this one isn’t a backlink analysis tool per se. Buzzsumo has three tiers: Pro, Plus, and Large. They are explained here, along with tips for monitoring your links. Google Search Console dashboard Source: Google. To view or add a comment, sign in. 20 per month, allowing you to monitor up to 6,000 backlinks simultaneously. Monitor Backlinks is great web based app that gives us a simple way to monitor that our links are not down, nofollow, etc. That’s because Domain Authority tended to get inflated by black hat links like blog comment spam. It gives you an easy way to stay on top of your backlink portfolio. You type in the domain name of the prospective website.


To your question: it might depend on how the index is defined. Step 2: Once you’re logged in, enter the URL of the website you want to check backlinks for in the search bar. OpenLinkProfiler tells you how many unique links from other websites point to your site, how many point to the homepage, and which are trusted links. You can locate, organize, and contact people from almost any niche on a single dashboard. Our backlink monitor provides you with the information you need to take the next step in managing your backlinks this can include removing low quality links, fixing historical dead links, or selecting specific sites to monitor further. Therefore, to build quality backlinks, integrate it with other link research alternatives. Com, and it provided me this. SE Ranking is an all in one SEO platform with an accurate backlink analysis feature. Tier1 are the backlinks that lead directly to your site. Step 2: Once you have an account, log in and enter the URL of the website you want to analyze. In particular, its inbuilt backlink and competitor analysis is crazy good, which are presented in a cleaner, actionable wayand easy UI. Please update your browser.


Below is the screenshot of the dashboard which we get when we log in to our SEMRush account. This information can be used to create link building strategies and ensure your links come from reputable sources. I haven’t used Majestic in years either, but wonder if they have more international coverage, etc. 20 per month, allowing you to monitor up to 6,000 backlinks simultaneously. Google considers every link from a website to your site. Which links seem to be most valuable for your competitors. The bad backlinks can actually bring disaster to your website. It also goes over your email content and provides suggestions for better engagement and deliverability. You can also use the Backlink Checker and two other tools, Website Authority Checker and Broken Link Checker, for free on their website. The basic plan is $23 per month.


Using original content to earn links is a great way to get link opportunities. Submit and update your site map. A quick crawl from Netpeak Spider can identify common SEO problems like broken links, duplicate content, and misspelled words. Let’s review them by quickly glancing at the main menu. Well, there are a few arguments. Optimize plugins for WordPress. When another website links to your page, it’s a backlink.