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Always the Sea (NEW RELEASE)

Rosie’s new album Always the Sea is a collection of ethereal, hypnotic, constantly moving and meticulously structured musical narratives, created from a rich palette of sounds and effects plucked and bowed on her trademark double bass and ringing guitars.

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Rosie Westbrook, Sean Kelly, Thomas Wydler


“It’s haunting, ethereal, evocative, hypnotic but also hopeful
(and very fluid - like the sea).”

- Louise Turley - director/producer ABC TV

"So many exquisite sounds. A great body of water, a living breathing being, constantly moving, but never quite the same. Light shimmers on the surface and reaches down in glimmering curtains. Creatures move through the deep and exclaim their ancient songs.”

- Linda Cuttriss – author, 500 Million Years on Phillip Island

"I have "Always The Sea" on high rotation and it's absolutely fantastic. I knew it would be good but I wasn’t fully prepared for just where this music would take me emotionally. It’s just sublime, a really wonderful thing. It washes over you like a warm cosmic blanket, or something. Words always fail, but the point is, I just love it." 

Mark Callaghan – Is Music / Caltoons / GANGgajang / The Riptides