Making Your Marketing Strategy Work

From SEO efforts that boost your search presence, to building relationships with influencers you’ve never met, you never quite know what your ROI will be — it can be enormous or it can fizzle to an end. Take a little more time to think strategically about which earned channels will help you accomplish your video goals. This covers any type of marketing done for free by an influencer, including shoutouts on social media, product reviews, endorsements, mentions, and more. Many influencers are willing to help you distribute your content in exchange for something, maybe a reciprocal mention, a trial of your services, or an ongoing relationship. Think about what you’re willing to give for the promotion of your video. Depending on how much they can up your exposure, it just might be worth it.

  • Some competitive advantages could include; avoiding foreclosures, improving the business marketing intelligence, and opens up opportunities to create different products for the market.
  • Crazy Egg also offers recordings, A/B testing, and more to help ensure your website is offering the best user experience.
  • Yet when it comes to implementing those strategies, the literature is silent and the self-help books ring hollow.

A confident brand means that consumers will see you as strong and trustworthy, meaning that you will likely gain their continued custom. This powerful, self-assured brand personality not only helps to retain current customers but also draws in new ones. When your business is healthy and capable, it strengthens and validates the reasons why your employees work for you, and why your customers made the right decision to do business with you. In order for your marketing strategy to run smoothly and be as successful as possible, it is vital to understand any opportunities and/or threats in both the current market and the wider environment. Carrying out a thorough PEST analysis will enable you to better understand the market trends and conditions, as well as helping to identify the expected constraints on your strategy.

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Investigating potential threats is a fundamental aspect of brand success. Imagine you are a small-to-medium-sized enterprise that sells furniture at an average price, think middle of the range, you occupy a substantial chunk of the market and a new competitor enters the scene. They could materialise from within your company; for example, you might have recently gained a strong, growing presence on social media. This growth would give you the opportunity for greater outreach and an active platform for you to develop lasting, genuine relationships, in turn, developing a loyal audience base. Or they could be external factors, such as new trends that relate heavily to your product or service which, of course, you can likely capitalise on.

brand voice

Allbirds’ goal was to create “the world’s most comfortable shoe.” And while they did seem to manage this, it’s not why we’re highlighting their marketing strategy. This strategy really stands out because of the consistent tone of voice and values visible in every piece of marketing, every web page, and every interaction with the brand. The quirky and humorous voice is highly memorable and matches the values of transparency, sustainability, and comfort. The next question leads off this, and it’s about how you’re going to convince or inspire consumers to take the desired action.

A major hub for brick-and-mortar, e-commerce shops and influencers alike, the platform encourages brands to get creative. From eye-popping photos to clever captions, it’s all about finding unique ways to show off what you’re selling. What really matters is that you set realistic social media goals. You can choose from many types of content formats to promote via paid channels. Like influencer-driven campaigns, sponsored content, lead-generating ads, and more. And for good reason—organic content strategies are especially powerful when paired with paid marketing strategies.

Create your value proposition

Ultimately, search engines want to do a good job, so if they see a website engages users, answers their questions, and provides a positive overall experience, they’ll reward that site with a higher rank. If you haven’t seen a commercial on TV, then you’ve definitely seen a video on social media. Social videos can be almost anything and usually fall anywhere along the buyer’s journey. Due to their fun, engaging nature and shorter length, they most often help engage potential and current customers. This is especially true for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, the leading platforms for short-form video content. As soon as you have determined what your marketing strategy is, you can draw up a marketing plan.

Because your goals will inform other components of the plan, including the budget and content creation process. The terms “marketing plan” and “marketing strategy” are often used interchangeably because a marketing plan is developed based on an overarching strategic framework. In some cases, the strategy and the plan may be incorporated into one document, particularly for smaller companies that may only run one or two major campaigns in a year. The plan outlines marketing activities on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, while the marketing strategy outlines the overall value proposition. Having a marketing plan is essential to the success of any business. Read on to learn how to create a successful marketing strategy for your company.

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